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Telecommunication Cabinets

Racks for Telecommunications Equipment in the Customers Premises


A range of enclosures designed for installation of telecommunications equipment inside customers premises. Cabinets come supplied with glazed, louvered, or mesh doors.


  • 19” and 21” SU/RU equipment mounting rails at a variety of depths
  • Removable top cap, cable access through roof and base
  • 350mm deep models
  • 600mm deep models
  • Glazed, louvered or mesh doors (350mm deep cabinets with mesh doors are available on request).
  • Single point or three point locking available
  • Earth tree
  • Adjustable feet, bracing brackets and mounting accessories

Selection Chart

Customer cabinets – 600mm Wide x 350mm Deep

Catalogue No. Description
TEL-353/00574 CPT Cabinet 1A - 1375mm high, acrylic door
TEL-353/00575 CPT Cabinet 2A - 1800mm high, acrylic door
TEL-353/00577 CPT Cabinet 3A - 2200mm high, acrylic door
TEL-CABCUST2AML CPT Cabinet 2A - 1800mm high, metal louvred
TEL-CABCUST3AML CPT Cabinet 3A - 2200mm high, metal louvred

Customer cabinets – 600mm Wide x 600mm Deep

Catalogue No. Description
TEL-353/00576 Cabinet 2B - 1800mm high, acrylic door
TEL-353/00578 Cabinet 3B - 2200mm high, acrylic door
TEL-CABCUST2BML Cabinet 2B - 1800mm high, metal louvred
TEL-CABCUST3BML Cabinet 3B - 2200mm high, metal louvred
TEL-CABCUST2BPM Cabinet 2B - 1800mm high, 63% perf metal mesh
TEL-CABCUST3BPM Cabinet 3B - 2200mm high, 63% perf metal mesh
TEL-CABLOD3B Cabinet 3B - 2200mm high, for 4 LOD panels


All ETSI cabinets have the following cabinet mounting positions: -

  • Front Mount: 19/21"
  • 75mm Mount: 19/21"
  • 140/170mm Mounts: 21"
  • Rear Mount: 19"


  • Robust zinc coated steel
  • Structurally certified to meet seismic and static load requirements
  • Durable powdercoat finish



ETSI rack
Material - steel