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Signature SE

Low Voltage Switchboards and Motor Control Centres (MCC’s)


Signature SE from B&R offers a type-tested certified solution for any commercial or industrial switchboard. It is is a modular switchboard building system with an ongoing program of certification to ensure compliance to all the latest design codes. The switchboard system is designed to suit your application by our team of experienced engineers. It is then pre-assembled at our plant in Brisbane and shipped to site, built up and ready for equipment to be installed, saving you the time required to build other kit type systems.

Certified to: -

  • AS/NZS.3439.1 - 2002
  • BS EN 60439.1:1999
  • IEC 60439.1:2004


  • IP43 and IP55 protection rating - more info on IP ratings
  • Fault Rating up to 100kA for 1 second and 65kA for 3 seconds
  • Current Rating from 600-3400 Amps (4000 Amps incomer)
  • Impulse Voltage withstand up to 16kV
  • Dielectric Withstand of 3.5kV
  • 10 drive module sizes
  • Up to 12 drive modules per tier




IP55 double door enclosure - Universal DD
Material - steel