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Enclosures, Switchboard Systems, Racks and Cabinets by Industry

B&R Enclosures supply products to many industry groups, from electrical professionals to mining. Some of the main industries are:

Mining & Mineral Processing

The mining and mineral processing industries have highly specific requirements for their enclosures. Many of B&R’s products are designed specifically for mining applications including the Miner ME and our range of sloping roof enclosures. Even standard enclosures need to be extremely robust not only to suit the application, but also the extreme environments in which they are usually installed. enclosures ∨


Infrastructure Industry

Infrastructure projects can vary dramatically in their scope and application. For this reason a wide range of products are available to suit almost every installation. enclosures ∨

Field Enclosures

A range designed for roadside monitoring, traffic management, field data storage, CCTV security and signalling with increased vandal resistance.

Switchboard Building Enclosures

A range of switchboard building systems designed for motor control, process control, power distribution and more.


Data & Communications

Data racks for the data centre, office and home. enclosures ∨



A complete range of products for the telecommunications industry enclosures ∨


Switchboard Building

Designed for the way switchboard builders work, B&R’s range of switchboard building products range from a distribution board up to a type tested, modular, low voltage switchboard building system. enclosures ∨


Electrical Industry

The electrical industry covers almost all areas of B&R’s range and all work carried out by electricians. Products of interest include: enclosures ∨

Plastic Enclosures

Plastic enclosures and adaptable boxes.

Steel Enclosures

Powdercoated steel enclosures for typical industrial applications.

Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel enclosures for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

The enclosure solutions required by OEM’s are as varied as B&R’s range. The products of interest include: enclosures ∨

Plastic Enclosures

Plastic enclosures for small terminations to general purpose applications.

Steel Enclosures

Steel (zinc coated) enclosures designed for industrial applications from small terminations to installations over 2 metres tall.

Stainless Steel Enclosures

316 Stainless range for superior corrosion resistance. Finished to resist ‘tea staining’ and manufactured within ASSDA guidelines.

Mining & Hazardous Location Enclosures

Enclosures for the rigours of mine sites, remote locations and explosion protected applications.

Climate Control

Climate control systems for your enclosures or cabinets. This includes air conditioners, heat exchangers, fans, filters and anticondensation heaters.

Switchboard Building

Enclosures and metalware designed for switchboard building applications.

Data & Communications

A full range of 19 inch racks and cabinets.


Residential and Commercial Building Industry

Our residential and commercial range includes our famous meter boxes as well as group and commercial metering enclosures, panelboards and NBN enclosures. enclosures ∨