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Meter Box Accessories

Accessories for B&R Meter Boxes


Metering Links

Model No. Size (mm) Description
KL007 7 terminals 165A
KL013 13 terminals 165A
KL100/5 5 terminals 100A
KL100/7 7 terminals 100A
KL100/10 10 terminals 100A
KL100/14 14 terminals 100A
KL350/7 7 terminals 350A
KL350/13 13 terminals 350A


Pole Fillers

Model No. Size (mm) Description
PF1 1 module 1/2 module pre-cuttings
PF6TR 6 module 1/2 module pre-cuttings
PF6TR/PK 3 x 6 module 1/2 module pre-cuttings
PFGPF10P 1 module Safety pole fillers (10 pack)


Panel Screws

Model No. Size (mm) Description
BPS133 13 x 3mm
BPS203 20 x 3mm
BPS253 25 x 3mm
BPS323 32 x 3mm


Marking Pens

Model No. Colour Description
BMP/B 13 x 3mm Suitable for bramite and black panels
BMP/BLK 20 x 3mm Suitable for bramite and black panels
BMP/R 25 x 3mm Suitable for bramite and black panels
BMP/W 32 x 3mm Suitable for bramite and black panels


Pole Mounting - General

Model No. Dimensions (mm)
CCP050/HD 50h x 50w x 900 long
CCP075/HD 75h x 75w x 900 long
CCP100/HD 100h x 100w x 900 long
CCP050/HD/15 50h x 50w x 1500 long
CCP075/HD/15 50h x 50w x 1500 long


Pole Cover - NSW

Model No. Dimensions (mm)
CCP050/HD/28 50h x 50w x 2800 long
CCP075/HD/28 75h x 75w x 2800 long


Surface Mounting

Model No. Dimensions (mm)
CCS025/HD 25h x 25w x 1200 long
CCS032/HD 32h x 32w x 1200 long
CCS038/HD 38h x 38w x 1200 long
CCS050/HD 50h x 50w x 1200 long
CCS075/HD 75h x 75w x 1200 long
CCS075/HD/15 75h x 75w x 1500 long


General Purpose Brackets

Model No. Mounting Description
N14 Ceiling fan mount
SLB12/C Corner mounted Street light bracket
SLB12/S Surface mounted Street light bracket


Neutral Bars

Model No. Mounting Description
KP012 12 tunnels 165A - tunnels to suit
KP018 18 tunnels 16mm² cable
KP024 24 tunnels 16mm² cable
KP036 36 tunnels 16mm² cable
KP036C 36 tunnels - compact 16mm² cable
KP001 for mounting KP neutral bars 16mm² cable
KP012/35 12 tunnels 35mm² cable
KP024/35 24 tunnels 35mm² cable


Find your local wholesaler to order

B&R’s meter box range are sold via your local electrical wholesaler.


Meter box accessories