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Meter Box for Domestic Metering Applications

Australian Meter Boxes for Local Electricity Distributors


A range of metal fabricated meter enclosures specifically engineered to suit the Service and Installation Rules (SIR) of each Electricity Distributor throughout Australia. This range is designed for single domestic installations. We also have Group Metering and Commercial Metering products available.

All Domestic and Commercial Enclosures are sold through your local electrical wholesaler.

Horizon Series Meter Boxes

The Horizon series of meter boxes are available for all states except WA and offer the latest in meter box safety and ease of installation and maintenance.


  • Rotatable DIN rail to allow much better visibility of terminal connections. See more...
  • New easy to use gravity catch. See more...
  • Cable entry with ratchet slide removes the need to screw fix. See more...
  • New hinge that acts as a door stay and makes it easy to take off the door
  • Safety cord retainer prevents the need to use ties. See more...
  • Bevelled door is stiffer giving a feeling of high quality
  • Insulated escutcheons with captive ¼ turn screws, preventing accidental shorting or shock
  • Captive ¼ turn panel retainer prevents nuts from falling off and being lost
  • Covered labelling section to prevent any labels from peeling and falling off


  • Powdercoated 1.0mm zinc coated steel
  • Welded joints with specifications provided by SIR.


Other Meter Boxes Ranges

B&R also supply other ranges of meter boxes to meet both local area and customers specific requirements. For more information on these ranges, please see the state selections below.

Selection Chart

B&R's meter boxes are available throughout Australia but vary state by state depending on local SIR. To find out more, please select your state or territory below: -


We also have a full range of Installation Accessories such as metering links, pole fillers and more.

B&R’s meter box range are sold via your local electrical wholesaler.


Meter box for domestic metering
Material - steel