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Junction Box Range

Junction boxes made from plastics or metal and from Australia's largest manufacturer, B&R Enclosures.

B&R Enclosures range of enclosures includes junction boxes suitable for a wide variety of needs. These include: -

  • Plastic junction boxes with screw on lids in a wide variety of sizes and IP ratings.
  • Hinged lid junction boxes with clear or opaque lids.
  • Metal junction boxes with screwed lids and in a choice of material and styles. This includes the new Connector TEMFwith it's built in mounting flanges and DIN rail.

More information is available on all these products by clicking the links below or the product on the left.


Junction boxes are typically used to house terminations. B&R's range includes the following, with the metal enclosures all being made in our factories here in Australia: -


Polynova PJ

Polynova PS

Polynova PC

Polynova PN

Connector TE (steel)

Connector TE (316 stainless steel)