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Data Cages

Enhanced security for a secure data centre environment

Data cages are a method of segregating customer racks and equipment into defined zones where there is a need to enhance security between customers within a data centre environment.

The data cage can be tailored to suit the requirements of any data centre using standard sized components to achieve cage heights of 2400, or 2700mm. Doors are sliding and include a mechanical lock.

With a team of data experts, we provide onsite consultancy, design, and installation of data cages to your requirements.


  • 1.6mm thick zinc coated steel panels
  • 50 x 50mm RHS supports
  • Large open mesh pattern to maximum airflow and visibility
  • Sliding or hinged doors
  • Customer supplied locking mechanism
  • On-site consultation and installation

For more information on data cages please contact your local sales engineer or send us an enquiry.


Data cage for coloaction centre