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Commercial & Multi-Residential Enclosures


For use in commercial of multi-tenancy applications throughout Australia.

Group Metering Enclosure

Group Metering

A range of enclosures to suit multiple tenancy installations with varying sizes panels for all states of Australia, except Victoria.

Victorian Group Metering Enclosure

Group Metering Victoria

A range of pre-wired enclosures to suit multiple tenancy installations in Victoria with options from 2 to 7 tenancies.

Commercial Metering

Commercial Metering

Modular multiple tenancy solutions for internal or external applications. For high current up to 630A in Australia, known as Infinity 630 MkII.

Temporary Site Power Enclosure

Temporary Site Power Enclosures

A weatherproof (IP23) enclosure that is suitable for providing temporary site to a building site.

Tee-off Enclosures

Tee-off Enclosures

Tee-off enclosures are used in the riser duct of multistory buildings or as a ring main in shopping centres.

Accessories and Cable Protection

Cable Protection & Accessories

Various accessories for cable protection and more. This includes pole fillers, metering links, pole mounting, brackets etc.

B&R’s Commercial and Multi-residential enclosures range is sold through your local electrical wholesaler.