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Cold Aisle Containment

Increase Data Centre Cooling Efficiency

Cold aisle containment is a method of increasing cooling efficiency and reducing power consumption in data centres. Efficiency is increased by keeping the cold and hot air seperated.

B&R Data Systems have completed the installation of their first cold aisle containment systems for the Tatts group.

In this installation, cold air is fed through a false floor into a contained cold aisle. This air flows through the front of the server racks, removes the heat from installed equipment and is expelled as hot air through the rear of the cabinet. The hot air is then removed by the data centre air conditioning system.

Having the cold aisle contained, means the area requiring cooling is much smaller and therefore less power is required to keep it at the recommended temperature. This method of cooling was chosen for the project because the existing cooling system was at full capacity but new equipment needed to be installed.

The cold aisle containment solution meant that Tatts did not have to increase the cooling capacity within the data centre and at the same time improved the cooling efficiency and reduced the cost.

The main benefits of cold aisle containment are:

  • Avoids hot air short circuits
  • Reduces the volume of air that needs to be cooled
  • Improves efficiency of the cooling system considerably
  • Energy cost savings

A side benefit is that it improves the work place for staff, as the datacentre does not need to all kept at a constant temperature. Even the cold aisle can often be warmer that an uncontained data centre, which needs to have it's air conditioning set for the installation that requires the most cooling, where ever that is in the data centre.

B&R Data Systems cold aisle containment systems are quoted on a project basis after an on-site consultation with one of our experienced sales representative.

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Cold Aisle Containment