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Ancillary Equipment

Additional equipment for your Enclosure System

Enclosures can require additional equipment for their installation, maintenance or correct running. B&R Enclosures supply a range of ancillary equipment to suit your enclosure system. Range includes climate control to assist in keeping your equipment operating at optimum temperatures. Also included are spare parts allowing you to customise, install and maintain your enclosure. Extras include touch up paint, locks and spare keys.


EGO Wall-mounted Air Conditioners

Available with cooling capacities from 300W to 10kW. Used where the internal temperature of the cabinet is to be lower than the ambient temperature.


DEK Roof-mounted Air Conditioners

Available with cooling powers from 410W to 4kW. Used where the internal temperature of the cabinet is to be lower than the ambient.


BLU/BIT Air-Water Heat Exchangers

Available with cooling capacities from 1kW to 15kW. Ideal for high dust, high temperature environments where air conditioners cannot be used.


MIX Air-Air Heat Exchangers

Available with specific cooling output from 14W/K to 80W/K. For enclosures internal temperature is to be similar to the ambient temperature.


FAN & FIL Ventilating Units

Available with air flow capacities from 57 to 580m³/h. Fan units are reversible to pressurise or evacuate air out of the enclosure as required.


DLK Ventilating Towers

Roof mounted ventilating towers with air flows from 600 to 4520m³/h. Provide the air capacity to allow significant cooling using external air.


WID Anticondensation Heaters

Available in heating capacities from 10W to 550W. Used where low temperature or high humidity may cause condensation to form.

Ancillary Accessories

Ancillary Accessories

A range of filter cloths, thermostats and other accessories suitable for Ancillary products.

Enclosure Accessories

Enclosure Accessories

A range of locks, keys and touch up paint suitable for B&R's range of enclosures.

Switchboard Building Accessories

Switchboard Building Accessories

A range of switchboard building accessories such as busbar supports.